Company Profile
Syrian & Levant Market Compass was established in Syria in 1996 by Firas Al-Kayal and conducts marketing researches. Its objective is to remedy the deficiency in this field which has become more critical with Syria's shift to an open market system. This market requires high quality and accurate executing marketing studies, consultancy and statistics.
We have developed a mix of means enabling us to conduct marketing consultancy and researches through customized services, ongoing follow ups and distinguished relationships with local and international companies (small, medium and large). These means include a large database and developed statistics in addition to suitable equipment managed by searchers and supervisors of high qualification and high quality control sensitivity. Also, the state-of-art technology (processing programs and data entry programs such as SPSS) made us become qualified leaders for the execution of various marketing studies and the execution of full range of consumer research services (from qualitative to quantitative, ad hoc to continuous, fast moving consumer goods to durables – electrical equipment, cars, pharmaceutical and medical products and till banking and financial services).

Our Services:

- Quantitative Studies:
We conduct all types of quantitative studies in the form of numeric and statistical data by using all methods known for the accumulation of data (Face to Face interviews, telephone, mail) and by choosing the suitable sample for the study (random, random stratified, random quota, sampling intercept, snow ball).

- Qualitative Studies:
This type of research is used for processing issues where knowing the incentives, preferences and insides of the consumer is necessary. This is done through the following methodologies:
-In depth interviews: At home, work, on the streets, at public places, or in
mall and commercial center.
-Focus group interviews: relying on the expertise and knowledge of traditions of each area, and using wide contacts to be able to recruit the suitable businesspeople, adults and children from any social class and of all ages.
Moderators of the conversation are highly qualified professional moderators.
Other consulting services are developed upon the request of our clients resulting in a very close cooperation with them in the purpose of giving our best to reach the most satisfying possible results.

- Censuses:
We proudly say that we are the first non-governmental institution that performs comprehensive censuses covering all Syrian governorates. In fact, our staff is considered competent in gathering statistical data (regardless of the size) especially data that is not available at the government's statistical abstract such as the number of retail shops or electrical apparatuses shops.

- Marketing and Sales:
With the suitable database and our qualified researchers, supervisors, and field managers, we are successfully assisting our clients in the distribution of their samples and promotion material. This is completed through various methods and several visits aiming at knowing the reaction and opinion of the consumer regarding the proposed sample.

- Business to Business Studies:
This includes preparing trade lists (major suppliers, traders and end users), marketing mailing list, and market and economy desk statistical analysis (internal data mining – basic principle and secondary).

- Feasibility Study:
With our wide database and our researches, we are carrying out many feasibility studies for economic, industrial, agricultural, touristic, and commercial and transport projects, etc…

- Credit Management Information and Services:
The division of information of debts and commercial services has a database including detailed information about more that 20,000 companies in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, namely their background, activities, economic results, owners and managers, and legal status. This reduces the risk involved in making business with your clients, increases the size of your data concerning both your current and prospective clients, and restricts the volume of lost debts.

- Certificate of Export Product Quality:
We act as objective supervisors of Syrian exported products covering all types of products and control, inspecting freight, packing certificates, testing exports at the most qualified laboratories, and ensuring the arrival of exported goods from Syria to the importer in accordance to the requirements and specifications decided upon.

" We look forward to hearing from you and having you in our clients group "

Our Motto:
Syrian & Levant Market Compass assists you in taking the right decisions for a successful business by supplying accurate internationally standardized information at local prices.

Our Clients:
Associate international research companies, exporting or importing companies and local companies.

"Our Compass gives you the direction to a successful business"
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