Market Assessment

SLMC provides in-depth and specific analysis of the potential of a proposed product or service. This is including the estimation of market size, assessment of market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, market potential and growth, as well as assessing trends.

Competitive benchmarking Studies

We gather and evaluate data related to different competitors including products portfolios, geographic coverage, unique selling points, strategies, price differentiation, and SWOT.

Market Assessment

We provide research to map customer perception, evaluate unmet needs, usage levels of different products/services, satisfaction levels for different products/services, factors influencing product/service selection, and assess the level of brand awareness.

Feasibility Studies

Our team of local and international consultants has long experience in conducting feasibility studies for commercial or social projects. Based on our research capabilities and associated experts, we prepare systematic study to understand whether a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible.

Business plans preparation

SLMC works closely with the client to research his markets and competitors, identify his goals and vision, and develop his business plan. Our team of management consultants and experts will participate effectively to formulate business models, tactics, and strategies, fill up gaps and challenge the assumptions, and prepare financial forecasts

Needs Assessment

SLMC provides outstanding services for NGOs and development agencies. We offer need assessment research to identify and better understand community's needs, prioritize these needs, and planning interventions to address these needs.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our services comprise of third party monitoring and final evaluations of projects and programs. We can develop M&E methodologies and tools, execute variety of surveys, focus groups and key informants interviews, develop monitoring reports to measure indicators. We focus on helping NGOs and development agencies to better understand how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness across their interventions, and better focusing activities to increase the overall short and long term impact.